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Runco Service & Support

With more than 10 years experience in service and support for Runco products, we are the most experienced service centre in Europe. Regular training and excellent contacts with the manufacturer enable us to support dealers and customers in logistics, repair and spare parts.

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Runco Service
Runco warranty and repairs are processed in our own service centre. We offer conception and installation support of home theater and conference room technology for dealers and customers. On-site service in Germany and in other European countries is available on request.

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Regular maintenance and cleaning of your Runco projector increases the life of the projection lamp and the projectors reliability, best picture quality. The software status is checked on each maintenance and updated to the latest version if necessary. Unlike LCD projectors, Runco DLP projectors can be restored to an almost new condition after a thorough cleaning and lamp replacement. Options such as RAL colours finishing and calibration to ISF standard can be performed upon request.

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